Needless to say, there’s a lot to do at ASEPALECO’s nature reserve. You can learn, investigate, rest and enjoy the forest all year round. Our hospitality reflects the good naturalness and ease of the Ticos, who are honored to share the splendor of the best infrastructure there is--Mother Nature!

Horseback Rides
Wondering how to get to the cabins? There is the possibility to ride through the forest on horseback from Montaña Grande. Friendly and knowledgeable local guides are available to lead the way.
With guided tours guests can hike through the protected tropical forest to the famous Velo de la Novia Cascada (Bride's Veil Waterfall), Tres Rios (Three Rivers), the lookout tower and much more. In fact, the nature reserve provides 22 km of well-maintained hiking trails. On these tours, visitors get the unique chance to view tropical birds, howler and white faced monkeys, green tree frogs, white bat species and more. All guided tours at Cerro Escondido help support and maintain the ecolodge and the surrounding wildlife.
Venado and Chira Island Tours
Local networks are established for community led ecotourism to visit the islands. Visits can be organized with local fisherman and a boat tour to stay for the night or even just a quick day trip to the islands and mangrove channels. Contact us ahead of time to organize a tour.